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We got this report from Gaurav. Posting the same as it is


On behalf of Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE,, I, Gaurav Singhal, visited MANIT on Apri l5th, 2010. Here is my report, from my internal email to the NGO. I am not attaching the pics mentioned in the report below.

I visited MANIT Bhopal on this Monday and first headed towards the freshers hostel. There I first met with three SPA second year students (Two of them in the pics) and they informed that ragging this year was nothing compared to the last year, and all that has become possible due to appointment of new director and the dean of student welfare. I then talked to the security person and he told that since the college administration made a flying squad of 5 security people for night raids, gave them 3 bikes and a mobile phone and gave this number to every fresher, incidents of ragging esp in night at hostels became negligible. The college also had two segregated fresher hostels with only one point of entry where this guard in the picture was sitting, and during first 3-4 months no senior was allowed inside the fresher hostels. He said that since the time the new private security has been hired, it has been very strict with rules and regulations.

Then I caught up 12 fresher guys (6 groups, each with two guys) in different parts of the campus and all of them said the ragging was very very mild this year. they all praised the efforts made by the new admin. I even forced them to say something- i mean something might have happened to them... but they ALL said it , was very mild and few of the cases that were reported to the flying squad, the seniors were caught red handed and strictly punished, so after those cases ragging almost stopped.

ALL the students of the college also submitted the affidavits as stipulated by UGC this year.

Also recently there was a call to submit 4000/- by the freshers, but the freshers informed that all the wardens asked freshers not to do so, so only 10-20% freshers have paid it, rest have refused and the seniors could do nothing.

After that I met with dean of student welfare Dr. V. K. Khare (pic attached) and congratulated him on the steps taken. I tried to acknowledge the good work done and motivate them even further. He asked me and SAVE to come with even better suggestions and said that he will try to implement them also.

He also said that it was not him but a whole team of people who were responsible for the improved situation. he refused to take the credit for himself only.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sibal nod for sacking 62 teachers

NEW DELHI: In a big clean-up act, HRD minister Kapil Sibal has approved cancellation of appointment of more than 60 teachers of the prestigious Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Bhopal, who were recruited illegally in 2005.

Sources in MNIT said 15 assistant professors and 47 lecturers besides training and placement officer and librarians would lose their jobs. Sources said many teachers did not even meet the criterion of basic academic qualification while some paid bribes to get the job.

Sibal has asked officials to simultaneously rescind these appointments and begin fresh recruitment. However, officials at MNIT said they were still to et any communication from the HRD ministry.

These teachers in the rank of lecturers and assistant professors (system of designation has since changed) have been working for the last five years. NITs, directly under the HRD ministry, are being modelled on the lines of IITs.

"Reversal of appointments in such a large number will definitely harm the reputation of NITs,” an NIT director said.

"What is shocking is that no action was taken despite a report by a fact-finding committee in 2008 against their appointment," he added.

The issue of illegal appointments resurfaced when CBI sought HRD ministry’s approval to investigate the role of Rajneesh Shrivastava, currently director NIIT, Jamshedpur, in recruitment of an assistant professor when he was at MNIT, Bhopal. It came to notice that as per the directions of the ministry, MNIT had set up a fact-finding committee in 2007 that looked into irregularities in appointments including the one for which Shrivastava was being held responsible.

The ministry then decided that since Shrivastava was not alone in taking the decision, it would be proper to deal with lacunae in appointments pointed out by the fact-finding committee. The committee had even suggested a separate inquiry to investigate allegations of bribery in appointment. Therefore, it was decided to cancel all the

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jolt to MANIT Director & Complete Reshuffle at MANIT

Details as per HT Bhopal

HC Jabalpur had vacated the stay order on removal of Director K S Pandey by MHRD. Therefore, Mr R P Singh had been appointed in charge Director being senior most by BoG.
Further changes at MANIT/MACT as under-
1. Dr Gayatri Agnihotri -Administration
2. Dr P Suryanarayan -Planning & Development
3. Dr D M Deshpandey - Faculty Welfare
4. Dr. R K Dubey - Academy
5. Dr G Dixit - Research & Consultancy
6. Dr V K Khare - Student Welfare
New HOD -
1 Dr S K Dubey - Civil/Chemical/GIS
2 Dr S K Bhardwaj - Electrical Engg
3.Dr Ganga Agnihotri - Energy
4.Dr S C Shrivastwa -Electronics & Communication
5.Dr J L Rana - Science & IT
6.Dr N D Mittal - Applied Mechanics
7.Dr Geeta Agnihotri - Mechanical & Production
8.Dr K R Pardharshani - MCA & Bio Informatics
9.Dr Alka Bharat - Architecture & Planning
10. Dr Ashish Deshpande - Humanities

Friday, July 17, 2009

HC upholds removal of Mr. Pandey

For those who are still interested in MANIT updates.Finally High Court of MP has removed stay that was in favor of Mr Pandey (Director)and now he has to finally give up his post to a new Director.The news was in Dainik Bhaskar yesterday.Dean Academics (Dr Singh) may be the new Director or the most senior professor, it is yet to be decided.Now it is confirmed that Deans of many dept will change (as per Dainik Bhaskar news today.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Latest from Dainik Bhaskar

दो थानों की पुलिस करेगी जांच

Bhaskar News
Monday, April 06, 2009 01:59 [IST]

menitभोपाल. मौलाना आजाद राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान (मैनिट) में चार दिन पहले हुए विवाद में दर्ज मामलों में सोमवार को पुलिस द्वारा जांच और संबंधित पक्षों से पूछताछ की जाएगी। वेतन को लेकर दो अप्रैल को मैनिट निदेशक केएस पांडे एवं स्टाफ कर्मचारियों के बीच विवाद में श्री पांडे द्वारा संस्थान के दस कर्मचारियों के विरुद्ध थाने में मामला दर्ज करवाया गया था।
कर्मचारियों द्वारा भी निदेशक के विरुद्ध कमला नगर और अजाक थाने में शिकायती आवेदन दिए गए। कर्मचारी फिलहाल अपने ऊपर दर्ज प्रकरणों के निपटान में लगे हैं। सूत्र बताते हैं इसके लिए वे अधिकारियों के साथ ही राजनीतिक दबाव का भी उपयोग कर रहे हैं।
एफआईआर में दर्ज व्यक्तियों में संस्थान के प्रोफेसर्स से लेकर तृतीय एवं चतुर्थ श्रेणी के कर्मचारी भी शामिल हैं। यदि इनकी गिरफ्तारी होती है तो मैनिट के किसी विवाद में यह अपनी तरह की पहली बड़ी कार्रवाई होगी।
दो थानों की पुलिस कर सकती है पूछताछ
कमला नगर थाना पुलिस निदेशक की रिपोर्ट पर दर्ज बलवा, मारपीट, तोड़फोड़ और जान से मारने की धमकी की धाराओं में आरोपियों की तलाश करने के साथ ही मैनिट कर्मचारियों द्वारा निदेशक के खिलाफ की गई शिकायत पर भी पूछताछ करेगी। अजाक थाने की पुलिस भी अजा वर्ग के दो कर्मचारियों द्वारा की गई शिकायत की पूछताछ करने मैनिट व गवाहों के घर पहुंच सकती है।
जांच करने के बाद करें गिरफ्तारी
मैनिट के जिन लोगों के विरुद्ध कमला नगर थाने में श्री पांडे ने नामजद एफआईआर दर्ज करवाई थी, उन्हें एसपी के एक पत्र ने राहत दी है। कमला नगर थाना प्रभारी बीएस ठाकुर ने कहा कि एसपी कार्यालय से मैनिट मामले की जांच करने के बाद ही कोई कार्रवाई करने संबंधी एक पत्र उन्हें प्राप्त हुआ है। इसके चलते अब सोमवार को दूसरा पक्ष जानने के बाद ही कोई गिरफ्तारी की जाएगी।
तो होगी तीन साल की सजा
अजाक थाने की ओर से जांचकर्ता एसआई अजरुनसिंह पंवार के अनुसार दो कर्मचारियों द्वारा निदेशक श्री पांडे के विरुद्ध की गई गाली-गलौज व मारपीट की शिकायत यदि सही निकलती है तो श्री पांडे को तीन वर्ष की कैद व जुर्माना हो सकता है। हालांकि यह तब होगा जब पुलिस जांच में श्री पांडे द्वारा इन्हीं दो कर्मचारियों के साथ अभद्रता करना पाया जाएगा। विवाद के वक्त मौके पर दर्जनों कर्मचारी मौजूद थे।
निदेशक को सुरक्षा की दरकार
मैनिट निदेशक श्री पांडे द्वारा पुलिस से मांगी गई व्यक्तिगत सुरक्षा अभी तक प्राप्त नहीं हो सकी है। श्री पांडे ने ‘भास्कर’ को बताया कि विवाद को देखते हुए फिलहाल संस्थान सहित उनके निवास पर पुलिस तैनात की गई है। श्री पांडे ने विवाद के दिन ही मैनिट कर्मचारियों से अपनी जान को खतरा बताते हुए एसपी को पत्र लिखकर अपने लिए सुरक्षा मांगी थी।

Friday, April 3, 2009


मैनिट के लिए काला दिन

Bhaskar News
Friday, April 03, 2009 00:25 [IST]

menitभोपाल. देश के चुनिंदा इंजीनियरिंग संस्थानों में से एक मौलाना आजाद नेशनल इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ टेक्नालॉजी के इतिहास में गुरुवार का दिन काले दिवस के रूप में दर्ज हो गया। मार्च महीने का वेतन नहीं मिलने से नाराज संस्थान के वरिष्ठ प्रोफेसर और कर्मचारियों ने काम तो बंद किया ही, आर्थिक अनियमितताओं और नियुक्तियों में गड़बड़ी के गंभीर आरोप झेल रहे संस्थान के मुखिया (निदेशक) पर हमला भी बोल दिया।
हालत यह हो गई कि तोड़फोड़ और हंगामे के बीच निदेशक की पिटाई हो गई और निदेशक को भी अपने बचाव में कैंची लहरानी पड़ी। निदेशक के इस्तीफे की मांग कर रहे स्टाफ ने बेमुद्दत हड़ताल की घोषणा कर दी है। उधर, पुलिस ने स्टाफ के कुछ सदस्यों के खिलाफ मामला दर्ज कर लिया है।
आम तौर पर छात्रों के हंगामें की वजह से चर्चा में रहने वाले मैनिट में गुरुवार को तस्वीर बदली हुई थी। सुबह से ही कर्मचारी और शिक्षक परिसर में एकत्र होकर निदेशक केएस पांडे के खिलाफ नारेबाजी कर रहे थे। पांडे का इंतजार कर रहे शिक्षकों को जब पता चला कि वे पिछले दरवाजे से अपने कक्ष में पहुंच गए हैं, तो सौ से ज्यादा की संख्या में गुस्साए लोग सुरक्षा गार्ड को धकियाते हुए उनके कक्ष में पहुंच गए।
उन्होंने श्री पांडे को कुर्सी से धक्का देकर गिराया और उनके साथ मारपीट करने लगे। इस बीच श्री पांडे ने बचाव में कागज काटने की कैंची उठा ली जिसे भी बाद में स्टाफ के लोगों ने छीन लिया। इसी बीच कमरे में रखी कांच की टेबल और इलेक्ट्रॉनिक तौल मशीन भी तोड़ दी गई ।
झूमाझटकी में निदेशक का चश्मा भी टूट गया। एक सुरक्षा गार्ड द्वारा पुलिस को फोन पर सूचना देने पर जब पुलिस आई, तब मामला कुछ शांत हुआ। निदेशक की शिकायत पर थाना कमला नगर पुलिस ने दस लोगों के खिलाफ बलवा, अड़ीबाजी और जान से मारने की धमकी देने का मामला दर्ज कर लिया है।
थाना प्रभारी ने बताया कि मामले की जांच की जाएगी और दोषियों को गिरफ्तार किया जाएगा। मैनिट निदेशक ने रहमान सिद्दीकी, आर के खांबरा, तृप्ता ठाकुर, राजेश गुप्ता, महेंद्र गजभिए, संजय सिंह, डीके सिंह, रमेश मिश्रा, प्रभाकर सिंह, गंगा अग्निहोत्री के खिलाफ शिकायत की है।

Friday, March 6, 2009

Funding anti corruption fight @ MACT/MANIT

The next hearing of the case in court is 17th of March. That means we have less than 10 days to pay the lawyer to represent Teacher's of MANIT in HC.
We have been informed that currently MANIT staff is 2.5 Lakhs short of fund to approach the lawyer.

Btw, as per Grapevine Mr. Pandey shelled out 15 lakhs for the hotshot advocate who represented him to get a stay from HC. Also to note is the fact that MANIT Lawyer is a govt. advocate and not in league with the defense advocate.

Please take this as a SOS call and spread the word.

Time has come for action, so long we have been arm-chair critics and "Anonymous" commentators on the state of affairs in our Alma Matter. We should all come out in strong support for the cause of "Save MANIT".
Please see the message below. Please contribute generously for this cause. I know we will still find excuse for not being a party to change. We will talk about recession and about the initiative being a facade for money laundering and a million more reasons. This is the time to repay the institute which for better or worse, still plays an important part in deciding what you are today.

Dear Friends,

All of us are aware of the sordid state of affairs which led to the dismissal of the Director, MANIT a couple of weeks back.

The joy was shortlived as the sacked Director has been reinstated by a court stay.

Apparently, he has hired a hot shot lawyer to represent him.

The staff at MANIT requires funding for engaging an eminent lawyer from Delhi to fight the case.

I appeal to all to extend support by donating generously to this cause.

Monday, February 23, 2009

MANIT Director finally removed.

HT Bhopal News 21/2,MANIT(MACT) Director Dr K S Pandey had been removed as per orders received from MHRD immediately and Senior most Proff Dr Gayatri Agnihotri had been given charge of Director with immediate effect. Dr Pandey was involved in lot of irregularity and also was delaying action on Mr M N Buch reports. Dr Pandey had been given three month basic salary and removed immediately by Chairman A N Singh.

मेनिट से हटाए गए विवादित डायरेक्टर !!!

Dainik Jagran 21/02/09नगर संवाददाता, भोपाल विवादित डायरेक्टर प्रो. केएस पांडे की अंतत: मौलाना आजाद राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान एमएएनआईटी से रवानगी हो ही गई। केंद्रीय कार्मिक एवं प्रशिक्षण मंत्रालय का आदेश आते ही श्री पांडे को अगले तीन महीने का वेतन देकर विदा कर दिया गया। शाम को उनकी जगह वरिष्ठतम प्रोफेसर गायत्री अग्निहोत्री को डायरेक्टर पद का प्रभार भी सौंप दिया गया। कार्मिक मंत्रालय का आदेश शुक्रवार दोपहर ही मेनिट पहुंचा। एचआरडी की अनुशंसा पर कार्मिक एवं प्रशिक्षण मंत्रालय ने 19 फरवरी की तिथि में ही श्री पांडे की बर्खास्तगी का आदेश जारी कर दिया था। शुक्रवार दोपहर रजिस्ट्रार के नाम आए इस आदेश को मेनिट के बोर्ड ऑफ गर्वनर्स के अध्यक्ष एएन सिंह ने रिसीव किया। इस आदेश के आधार पर उन्होंने बोर्ड की ओर से भी श्री पांडे की बर्खास्तगी का आदेश जारी कर दिया। साथ ही वरिष्ठतम प्रोफेसर डॉ. अग्निहोत्री को प्रभारी डायरेक्टर बनाया। क्या था कार्मिक का आदेश: कार्मिक एवं प्रशिक्षण मंत्रालय के अंतर्गत जनशिकायत एवं पेंशन विभाग की नियुक्तियों संबंधी केबिनेट की कमेटी ने यह आदेश जारी किया है। इसमें श्री पांडे की मेनिट डायरेक्टर के तौर पर सेवाएं तत्काल समाप्त करने की जानकारी दी गई थी। साथ ही बिना किसी नोटिस के उनके खिलाफ यह कार्रवाई करते हुए तीन माह का अग्रिम वेतन देने को कहा गया था।

Monday, December 8, 2008

MP Election results

As you all might be aware, Sanjeev Saxena was a contender for MP state Legislative elections. He had gotten a BSP ticket for the election.
Well it seems he lost out to BJP candidate.
attached are the election results

152-Bhopal Dakshin-Paschim- Madhya Pradesh

Snapshot at Monday, December 08, 2008 10:51 PM

Status : Result Declared
No. of Electors154336Polling Stations


No. of Contestants


Polling %age



Valid Votes in AC





UMASHANKER GUPTABharatiya Janata Party



SANJEEV SAXENABahujan Samaj Party



DEEPCHAND YADAVIndian National Congress















DADAN YADAVSamajwadi Party



Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Unfortunate incident of suicide in MANIT

A second year Engg student, Rahul, committed suicide on Nov 15, 2008. I am posting the mails I got on the same as well as various news links/blog links about the incident.
To say the least, it is a very unfortunate incident, for such a young soul to give up on life.
I think the issue might get politicized and the true cause lost in chaos. there are two theories doing rounds.
one - the student was allegedly involved in ragging, accusation denied students. 
two -  the student was against the political nexus in the college and was victimized because of the same. 

I for one am not sure of the truth, I have seen truth being distorted beyond comprehension for the gain of a few.

News paper links

Blog links

Mail from MANIT Student

Respected sir,

I am a student of Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal (NIT-B). As a student of this college I would like you take some action against the wrongdoers here.

Today a friend of mine namely Rahul Pathak (2nd year, Branch-Bio Informatics, Scholar no. - 071104117) committed suicide. The reason for this was the mental harassment that he was subjected to by the director and the various administrators of this college the name of whom I am enclosing along with this letter. This is not the first time that a student has been exposed to such devious methods and technologies and this would probably not be the last time that some one is forced to take such a course of action if no action is taken against the people who have done this. This originally started as a minor complaint logged against some of the students of 2nd year about a month back and some action was taken against them. The students concerned apologized and the whole matter did not crop up till a day before our end semester examinations. The students concerned were barred from writing the examination and even though they pleaded there case and even begged for forgiveness the director and the administrators still did not see it fit to forgive them. Instead they tortured and harassed them and even went to the extent of physically abusing. They did all this and to an extent in the name of petty politics to get the students to do their biddings. Not being satisfied with all that they did do the director even called up Rahul Pathak’s parents and verbally abused them using slang words. This was the final draw of the straw which depressed the victim completely and is the main reason for what has happened today. This is not how a director or any administrator should act but I can tell you that they have a past record of regularly misbehaving and abusing students and using them as mere pawns to do their bidding. Along with this there is a lot of political strings that are being pulled by some bullies here and I would like you to investigate in that regard also. I hope that my voice would be heard by you and would lead to some action.

A student of M.A.N.I.T 


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

MANIT Director in News

News clippings of on-goings in MANIT.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

FIR Against MANIT director

Mrs.Laxmi Kumhre , Lecturer MANIT had filed a FIR against Director MANIT in Anusuchit Janjati Plice station( SC/ST) which is likely to be Non-bailable.
Details HT report of 21/8 attached.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

MANIT in news again

Director again appointed same SECURITY Agency which came under suspicion of BUCH Committee. Therefore, matter had been handed to CBI Bhopal by the Chairman as per advise of BOG (Board of Governors).It is to be noted that CBI Chief of MP Circle is Mr Alok Pateria (DIG) who is from MACT(82,Batch-Mech).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Copy of Order passed by Chairman BOG

Copy of order passed by Chairman BOG against Mr Ashutosh Sharma.

News Article on MANIT

Finally some action seems to be in offing..



Another action by Board of Governors (BoG) of MANIT (MACT).


Major Points as under-


1. All the members of Scrutiny and Selection committee since 2005 are BANNED for 

    controversial selection of staff since 2005.

2. Houses to be re-allotted and penalty to be charged.

3. Former Director (Dr K S Sayann) to be warned for arbitrary actions.

4. Security agency to be replaced ( From Pvt agency to CISF)

5. All deputation to be cancelled.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dr Sharma might lose post of HoD

Director K S Pandey not taking action as per advise of MHRD hence at last Chairman Mr A N Singh has to take action. Read HT report . Another KPS Gill story......


The detail report of HT of  today as under-


Reverted to Asst Prof in major fallout of Buch Report


Dr Sharma might lose post of HoD


Following Approval of the Board of Governors (BoG) of Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT), Professor and Head of Department of Architecture and Planning Dr Ashutosh Sharma has been reverted to the post of Assistant Professor. This would mean that he couldn't hold the post of head of department anymore.


Also he has to be removed from any other administrative post he holds and is barred from holding any such post in future.


The Chairman of the Board of Governors Mr A N Singh signed the order himself on Tuesday after the Director Dr K S Panday and the registrar and member secretary of the BoG R K Diwedi refused to do so even after repeated instruction by chairman.


However neither the Director nor Chairman could be  contacted on the issue.

The Chairman reportedly wrote on the orders clearly that he had to sign the orders following refusal by the director and MS of BoG to do so.

The order also mentioned that Dr Sharma should not hold any position in future as he was found involved in irregularities , sources said.

Earlier Dr Sharma had been removed from the post of Dean of Administrative of the institute following directives of the chairman as fallout of the MN Buch committee report.


It may be mentioned that in his report ,M N Buch had recommended reversal of  Dr Sharma from the post as his interdisciplinary Phd was in question and made him ineligible to become a professor.

Upon the directives of the union HRD Ministry that accepted the Buch committee report in toto , the chairman had instituted an enquiry committee headed by former DGP of Chhattisgarh S N Shukla. The Shukla committee also reportedly came up with a report corroborating Buch report and the board of Governors of the institute accepted this enquiry report recently. However despite directives the the director was not issuing the orders of the reversal forcing the chairman BoG o sign the orders himself on Tuesday , sources said.


When contacted , Dr Ashutosh Sharma said that he was on medical leave and had not received any such order. He said that if any such action was taken against him it was a step personal vendetta by the chairman of the BoG  A N Singh as he ( Dr Sharma) had filed public interest litigation ( PIL) against the chairman questioning his eligibility in becoming the chairman of NIT , as he ( Singh) was neither engineer/technologist nor academician.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Faculty to parents of aspirants - II

This is the response posted to a few comments on the post Faculty to parents of aspirants

A student enters into the institute after completing school education with number of expectations and hopes. This is the reason why everyone wants a good institute which can develop many skills apart from knowledge in relevant areas. The criteria of campus selection in mere temporary and largely depends on market conditions. The environment in an institute is totally different than in a school. The teacher in the college has to play very important role as well as by the institute.
Broadly speaking a teacher has to be a role model for the student. He has to develop the skills of knowledge, organization, managerial, humanity, character, honesty, awareness towards country and society etc. The student always sees his teacher before inculcating above mentioned skills. If the majority of teachers are not to his expectations it is impossible to the student to develop in himself.
The institute has to provide the platform to develop above mentioned qualities. The infrastructure, systematic approach in educating the student and the impact and image of the institute in society play the important role.
Now any one can imagine that where our beloved institute and respected faculty stands? Newcomers are to be made aware from these facts.  There is no shame in telling that we are lagging for something. It means only that we know and accept our weaknesses. This is the only way of improving the various wrong things. 
from a faculty

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Faculty to parents of aspirants

This was posted by a faculty member

The time is coming for new admissions in B.E. courses. The parents of children appeared in AIEEE 2008 are requested to realise the image and ranking of MANIT BHOPAL. The institute is nowhere in top 20 best institutes of Engineering. So many NITS are better than this institute. A lot of politics, lack of quality teachers and unutilized infrastructure are some of the factors which are to be focussed. Some of the faculty are good but students have to undergo all courses which can not be taught by few good teachers. Please go through all factors and then decide. We faculty members are trying to improve the image and state of the institute but it will take some time.
A faculty member

Friday, April 25, 2008

Some more updates from faculty

This was posted as a comment

Hi Guys,

It is truly heartening to note that MHRD has finally woken-up to the bitter reality that MANIT is in a real mess,courtesy Sanjeev Saxena, Ashutosh Sharma and their extremely loyal agents,and an administrative surgery is urgently needed to save this severely bleeding institute.

Since an action on these people is forthcoming anyways,we need to concentrate on some other equally important issues now.

(1)There should be an immediate action against Dr.M.K.Gupta who circumvented all established norms and went on to become a Professor through a back-door entry made in broad day-light.This shameless man needs to be reverted back to the level of an Assistant Professor immediately (though going solely by his caliber,he does not even deserve to become an Assistant Professor,he is no better than a lab assistant...perhaps even lab assistants would be more capable and would have a better sense of morality and ethics!).He should also be made to vacate his Type - III house which he got by pure deceit and fraud.His machinations and misdemeanors against Dr.N.D.Mittal should not be forgotten either but then the Almighty will punish him for all such deeds,so let's not go into all that.

(2)We all understand that Mr.B.S.Bhatia,Mr.M.K.Jain and Mrs.N.R.Trivedi got demoted to the level of Assistant Professor almost a year ago,yet the MANIT website shows them as Professors.A correction should be pressed for in the MANIT website so that everybody comes to know that those who get promoted without the requisite qualification cannt stay there for long and have to forego their positions attained through shameless manipulations.It is very important to send a strong message of this nature to one and all.We should also enquire about financial recovery from these people by the college admin under RTI and ensure that it actually takes place.

(3)We should immediately press for a punitive administrative action against Mr. Harish Vaidya and Mr. Benny Abraham whose absorption in the institute is hundred percent illegal and should be declared null and void ASAP.They should relinquish what they achieved by making a mockery of all extablished norms.Their current financial assets should also be checked to ascertain the maginitude of their financial irregularities over the last few years.They are amongst the most dreaded money-eaters in this institute.

(4)We should also press for house-evacuation orders against ineligible people.This list is very long.It includes the same shameless,incompetent & spineless person Dr.M.K.Gupta,Mrs.Aruna Saxena(the wife of Sanjeev Saxena),Mrs.Archana Saxena(the sister of Sanjeev Saxena),Ms.Anshu Gupta(the sister-in-law of Sanjeev Saxena),Mrs. Anupama Sharma(who got her father's past house allotted to her immediately after her father's retirement),Ms.Preeti Omkar,Mr.Rishi Singh(that illmannered massive character in the Deptt.of Electrical Engg whose bulging tummy is ample proof of his money-eating and corrupt practices in the electrical maintenance section),Mr.Satish Pal Singh Rajput(the security incharge who has always operated as a visible agent of SS in unison with Manoj Sharma),Mr.Sarvesh Pal Singh Rajput(the younger brother of Satish Pal Singh Rajput,who is a good-for-nothing inclusion in this institute and whose presence itself confirms that the recruitment process of 2005 was indeed rigged!),Mr.R.K.Baghel(whose SC cerificate has always been contentious and a matter of dispute),Mr.Alok singh Baghel(the brother-in-law of Mr.R.K.Baghel),Mr.Junaid Raheem(practically a family member of the saxena family,naturally got showered with largesse over the last 2-3 years),Mr.Hira Lal Tiwari(how could this pure nerd make it to this NIT remains a suspense till now but if nothing could be done on his selection and five increments,atleast he should be forced to vacate the Type - IV house he was never eligible for!)and all similar cases.These people should immediately be asked to vacate their houses and financial recovery should be made from them because they were never eligible for such huge houses in the first place but got them by blatant manipulations.

(5)While continuing to press for action again Dr.Ashutosh Sharma,Mr.Abhay Sharma and Mrs.Aruna Saxena ; we should not forget the glaring cases of Mrs.Archana Saxena and Ms.Anshu Gupta because theirs have been highly controversial selections as well and even more controversial have been the advantages given to them afterwards.How did the institute select Mrs.Archana Saxena as an Asstt.Librarian in the scale of Rs.6500/- and how she got elevated to the scale of Rs.8000/- within few days ? Financial recovery should be made from her and she should be demoted back to the scale of Rs.6500/-.Also how could Ms.Anshu Gupta be sent for a P.G.course immediately after her joining in the institute when her probation period was on ? She needs to pay back the salary she earned in that period as she wasn't eligible for what she got.

(6)We have confirmed information about Mr.R.K.Baghel trying to manage his final PHD viva-voce examination in a hush-hush manner and though he has tried to keep it a highly guarded secret,the facts have come out in light now.His thesis needs a careful examination again as everyone is smelling a rat here.Remember these same people had initiated a vilification campaign against Mrs.Laxmi Kumhre on a simlar charge and had got her M.Tech. thesis cancelled on the same pretext just because her husband Mr. Sharad Kumhre had been at the forefront of this campaign to save MANIT from these monsters.

(7)There should be an equally strict action against the close asociates of Dr.Ashutosh Sharma,most of whom are corrupt to the core.Though there are so many eligible people here,for a start it's not a bad idea to concentrate on the post of Prof.Incharge Construction.This list inludes all faculty members who were Prof.Incharge Construction over the past few years.

The list starts with Dr.V.K.Gehlot who occupied this position though he is a Mechanical Engr.Apparently,the incentives associated with this position were far too attractive to ignore,so he unashamedly accepted & enjoyed this position.He is a known money-eater and a person with absolutely no sense of dignity or shame.Famous for all the wrong reasons one can imagine,it's difficult to understand how such a man can go on to become one of the deans in this institute.

Another close associate of Dr.Ashutosh Sharma is the former Head of the Department of Applied Mechanics(and more importantly,the PHD guide of the now infamous Mr.Abhay Sharma),Dr.M.S.Hora,who did so many financial irregularities of a serious nature in the past but let's site only one of them which is quite recent.This financial crime is similar to what has been reported in all bhopal newspapers about the Joint Director (Directorate of Health)Dr.K.K.Thassu.We have learnt from reliable sources & crosschecked it from many sources that when he went to IIT Kharagpur to participate in a conference along with another person,their complete travel expenses were borne out by a computer software company who sponsored their to-and-fro air tickets.But in his greed for making easy money,Dr.Hora took Second A.C. train fare from the college also by presenting false travel information/tickets.We have all documentary proof on this now and we would like to initiate an action against him on this count as this is a serious financial crime.Strict action should be taken against him for this serious offence.Surely,being Mr.Abhay Shrma's PHD guide does not give him a passport to commit all financial irregularities with utter disdain for the system.It needs to be re-emphasised that he has almost completely written the thesis of Mr.Abhay Sharma,which is a true indicator of his lack of morals & inclination towards corrupt practices.

The third person whose financial assets need to be examined immediately is the current Prof.Incharge Construction Dr.Anil Sharma who has always been famous for eating money and who has eaten lot of institute money in a short span of time.It should also be kept in mind that this man,who is a Civil Engr,is currently heading the Deptt.of Chemical Engg.

All three gentlemen mentioned here have also signed innumerable, (manipulated)house allocation orders in favour of ineligible people and it would only be proper for them to face the heat now.And though a number of heads of various departments have been very famous for eating imprest money allotted to their respective departments through fabricated vouchers,these three are there right at the top of that list also.Such things should definitely be examined by competent authorities.

(8)The institute needs to explain why Sanjeev Saxena has been given admission in the institute as a full-time PHD Scholar with stipend ? He is not even a post-graduate in architecture but has been given admission directly as a full-time PHD scholar and he draws a monthly stipend on the basis of managed attendance also.It is only in IITs that a graduate candidate can be directly admitted to the PHD program but this is done only in case of exceptionally talented & meritorious candidates and is very,very rare.How talented,meritorious(he completed his 8-9 years,quite naturally!)and academically inclined Sanjeev Saxena is,we all know but were these facts not checked by the college admin? This is a clear case for a query under RTI.

(9)The Income Tax authorities should be requested to check and assess the current assets of Dr. Ashutosh Sharma and his close associates who have minted money in the last few years,Mrs.Aruna Saxena,
,Mr.Sanjay Soni,Dr.Anil Sharma(the current Prof.Incharge Construction who has been a puppet in the hands of Sanjeev Saxena),Dr.V.K.Gehlot,Dr.H.K.Khaira,Dr.J.L.Rana,
,Dr.M.S.Hora,Dr.A.K.Shandilya,Dr.Sushil Shrivastava,Mr.R.K.Dwivedi,
Mr.Rishi Singh(electrical-maintenance scam expert and a person responsible for the ill-treatment meted out to a sincere employee Mr.S.N.Tomar of the same section),Mr.Manish Pandey,Mr.Praveen Kaushik,Mr.Jagdish Singh,Mr.Junaid Raheem,Mr.Benny Abraham,Mr.Harish vaidya,Dr.Alok Mittal and Dr.Sanjay Sharma; all of whom have suddenly become very rich over the last two-three years(thanks to the shameless eating of world bank money and other institute resources) and have invested heavily in land,stocks and other investment instruments.

We need to come together and fight on all these issues as they are equally important,if not more important than the issues we have been fighting for all along.The corruption in this institute is manifold and manifesting inself in different forms.It is very important to clean the system once for all and discourage people from getting involved in such practices or playing in the hands of another Sanjeev Saxena (assuming that the institute gets rid of this guy in near future!).The struggle must go on till this institute is brought back to normalcy.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

report of legal expert on affairs of NIT BHOPAL

Subject: Recruitment scam & order less administration in NIT, BHOPAL


Reference:MHRD  Orders, Letters, Guidelines,NIT Act


                            Some of staff members consisting of both teaching and non-teaching had approached and their plea has been discussed with a legal expert who is practicing in Supreme Court/Delhi High Court. His report is as under.

1    Director k.s.Pandey allowed to Dr Ashotosh Sharma to act on illegal post who ransacked govt. money, procedure and made the mockery of administration. K.S. Pandey preserved and protected 

the so called mafia.GOI should initiate a criminal case against him at once.


 2.  He,shri Pandey ,picked only indicted persons in probe to work as Registrar, Institute Engineer and many more as per his choice. As per law , faculty members can not function as administrative officers. He shunted administrative officers here and there. It is  his brainchild for this pathetic, ugly and shabby and eccentric way to plunder the .

3.       Regarding Absorption of officers :

Govt of India/BOG of institute rejected the issue as it was full of fictitious procedure. It was against the recruitment /absorption rules. Harish Vaidaya/BENNY must sent to their parent deptt.His charge as AR(estt) must be withdrawn and hand over to a permanent employee/officer. He is the key person to make money for k.s.Pandey as he is AR(account) also

Benny is store /purchase officer.Pandey gave them admission for MBA with out fee and

merit in NIT Bhopal.


 4   Still,the promations/upgradation/compassionate appointment etc of employees of pandey”s      choice  did not cancelled. K.S.Pandey is giving dodge to GOI/MINISTER,HRD.


5.      It was strange and callous that ks pandey generated fictitious posts such as DEANS,

PROF-IN –CHARGES, EIC DY.EIC and many more which is very much against the   NIT  ACT.He has to be punished as he is maintaining his own autonomy. Even he dispatched errant teachers to MHRD MINISTER to DELHI protest against the probe.Really, what a surprise in a temple of education of a national pride, next to IIT.


6.      It is ironical and eccentric that a man with mechanical engg degree has been made HOD       

(civil),who has selected Abay  Sharma and others legendary persons and accordingly   

rewarded with post of  EIC(prof in- charge const,civil works) &DEAN(planning &development) and he managed to convert a research engineer in to ASST.POFESSOR,even without such a easy going –friendly recruitment. Actually ,he should be probed thread by thread and layer by layer


     7    .The persons, involving in conducting interviews and later on issuing appointment letters           

and joinging on the posts despite the denial by MHRD ON 7-7-2005,a FIR should be lodge 

by GOI,MHRD and send them to behind the bars to relax. Law is equal for prime minister

to a peasants including dons.



8 .   It was a really a shock for Shri Arjun Singhjee,Minister,MHRD, who worked for poor

      people,students,Punjab problem and established land marks in social sector &expansion

of IITs/IIMs and several new institutions.

With regards


An Alumnus


1975 ,batch.


1.   TO,


Deptt. Of Secondary & Higher Education,



2.      Honorable, Shri Arjun Singhjee,


Shastri Bhavan,New DELHI,

Monday, April 7, 2008


Local Hindi Papers like Dainik Bhaskar/Raj Express either avoiding news on MANIT or Publishing very little . As reporters of these papers on pay roll of Sharma/Saxena. Only HT and other english paper giving detail report on MANIT.

Demand from NGO for removal of Director .( Paper Cutting)

Latest development

1. In connection to Mr SM Shukla ( Rtd DGP) Committee for enquiring the appointments of 2005 and other irregularities related to appointment / promotion was in action since 4th April.
2. On 5th April Mr. Shukla Committee called selected faculty to represent their views. Faculty called were including M/S Ashutosh Sharma, Aruna Saxena and Abhay Sharma.
3. From other side faculty called were M/S Rekha Jain, Alka Bharat, ND Mittal, DM Deshpande, Savita Raje and M. Kulshreshtha etc.
4. Committee intorageted the faculty in depth. Hope for best results from committee.
5. In the mean time all local news paper printed the news of removal of Ashutosh Sharma from Deanship.
6. Mid term exam was boycotted by all students under pressure from Sharma/Saxena but on paper the exams are going on successfully.
7. In the mean time about 70 Faculty (so called from MANIT) and 100 students (so called from MANIT) was in Delhi.
8. In the mean time,Mr Ashutosh Sharma supportive faculties( In group of 2-3) are visiting High Court Jabalpur regularly.
9. It seems that they are trying their best to stay for some more time ???

Saturday, April 5, 2008

News in Bhopal HT

The Bhopal HT of date (4/4/08) published news as under-

MANIT Dean removed !!!

Institute Director gets Stern warning !!!

The controversial Dean ( Administration) Of Maulana Azad National College of Institute(MANIT) Dr Ashutosh Sharma was on Thursday removed from his post.However, he continues to hold the post of Head of Department of Architecture & Planning of institute.

Institute Director Dr K S Pandey issued an order removing Dr Sharma and appointing the Head of Energy Centre and Energy Engineering Dr Saroj Rangnekar as Dean Administration.

The Dean of Human Resource that was so far held by Dr Rangnekar has been abolished and Dean administration would henceforth look after the work pertaining to HR.
The removal of Dr Sharma from the important post was one of the recommendation of Mr Buch report.
WARNING TO DIRECTOR: The development came just a day after director Dr K S Pandey had meeting with the secertary of the MHRD Mr.R P Agrawal. The Director had been summoned to New Delhi by the Secretary in the context of the implementation of Mr.Buch Committee report. Sources said that the director was warned on the issue and asked to work as per the rules.He was also asked to put the house in order and ensure that no further irregularities took place. The Secretary is said to have told the director that ministry would take action upon the report by the Chairman within fortnight.

Recently,MHRD Minister Mr. Arjun Singh had told media persons in Bhopal that the ministry had accepted the recommendations of Buch Committee in Toto.

Dr. Sharma along with the students' council advisor of the head of training and placement cell Dr Aruna Saxena and assistant professor Dr Abhay Sharma were clearly mentioned in the Buch committee report as being involved in irregular appointment.

Chairman Mr A N Singh had in November2007 ordered the director to remove all these three persons from all important administrative posts , including that of Head of department. The removal of Dr Sharma from post of Dean administration is thus only partial implementation of the directives. The Chairman had also directed posting of senior most professors to the post of Dean (Administration) while Dr. Rangnekar is behind at least half dozen faculty members in seniority list, institute sources said.

Some Good News


At last action has been taken in MANIT( MACT) as under :-

1. Mr Aushutosh Sharma removed from post of Administration Dean. However Still Head of Architecture and Planning.

2. Dr Saroj Rangnekar appointed as Dean Administration with immediate effect.

These actions immediately after meeting with Secretary MHRD Mr R P Agrawal at New Delhi. As per HT Bhoapl Director has been asked to take all action as per Mr Buch's report within 15 days. Director has also asked to put he house in order.

Will advise you further developments.

Letter from MHRD

REcieved by mail on March 31

We have the copy of letter written by Dy Education Adviser ( NIT) ,MHRD. New Delhi to Director MANIT on 7 July 2005 confirming that Any Vacant position should not be filled till appointment of New Director.

However, Ashutosh Sharma had gone ahead and filled the positions in MANIT which clearly NULL and VOID. Therefore all the appointments will get CANCELLED with immediate effects.

We request to all Faculty members who had been appointed at that time please do not support Sharma/Saxena as they can not SAVE your job at all.

Please support Members who are fighting against to save MANIT. These Members may SAVE your job in future as Sharma/saxna may loose their Job shortly.

Students Threatened

Recieved this by mail on March 31


Mr Arjun Singh is in Bhopal since yesterday, and Journalist asked him about action as per Mr Buch report in MANIT . Mr Singh confirmed that actions will be taken very shortly.

On this Ashutosh Sharma and Archana Saxena has called Today at 10.30 AM the Members of Student Council and asked them to boycott the coming exams in support of Sharma/Saxena.The students had been threatned for punishment if do not support . Students had been told that they will be FAILED in Viva etc.

Keeping an eye on furthere development and advise you details.

Pl put above on Blog immediately as students want to give their comment.